4th Annual Online HEX Conference

HexConference.com 2024

with The Best of >100 HEX Crypto YouTubers | January 6–9, 2024 | 4PM PT / 6 CT / 7 ET / +1 UTC Midnight | Free

Mati Allin
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Created by: Mati Allin, organizer of the 1st Hex Conference, Hexpo.vegas, & 1st Mass HEX Meetup.

Note: This is not financial, investment or therapy advice. This conference is for entertainment and free speech purposes only.

Final Schedule: Coming Soon

Speakers: please see your DM invite from @ MatiAllin with instructions, on Telegram or Twitter. Need an invite: click here (limited time).

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The 4th Annual Hex Conference is an organic community-driven event organized with people who like HEX.COM — because this is true DeFi.


2024: TBA

Last Year 2023: Richard Heart

Follow Richard Heart: YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Website


Over 100 invites are being sent out. List of speakers coming soon.

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The Hex Conference is free.

And any level of support is greatly appreciated.

Donate to the conference at Mati’s donation address: https://etherscan.io/address/0xfeedc89a0a80dc98f63c17e17546e387727919bb or Mati.eth.

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Frequent Questions

Where to watch Hex Conference Online?


Instructions for Speakers?

Instructions to join a private Telegram will be sent to you on Twitter or Telegram.

When is HEX Conference Online?

The 4th annual Hex Conference Online is Saturday January 6 to Tuesday January 9, 2024 at 4PM PT / 6 CT / 7 ET / +1 UTC Midnight.

When is the 2024 HEX Conference in my time zone? When is the Keynote?

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PulseConference.online 2023 featured 33+ Speakers over 3 nights on July 14–16, 2022 on YouTube.com/MatiAllin.
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Created for the community by Mati Allin: https://AllMyLinks.com/Allin

Mati Allin LLC. This is not financial or therapy advice. This is free speech. Please do your own research. Never share your secret recovery phrase or seed words.