2nd Annual HEX Conference

HexConference.com 2022 (past)

January 6–9, 2022 Hexpo.Online & March 6–9, 2022 Hexpo.Vegas

Mati Allin
7 min readSep 9, 2021


The 2nd annual Hex Conference will be hosted by the HEXICAN community on January 6–9, 2022 online and March 6–9, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV.

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Watch now on YouTube here (free).

Buy a ticket for the 4-day Conference in Las Vegas March 6–9, 2022.

Hexpo.vegas will be held in the conference space at Excalibur, 9AM-5PM. For privacy, we didn’t reserve any hotel blocks, you can book your hotel directly with Excalibur or anywhere else you want to stay. Free lunch is provided ONLY for the first 410 tickets sold by 01/10/22. Join https://t.me/HexConference and check back here to stay up to date.

Watch Hexpo.online at https://YouTube.com/MatiALLin on Jan 6–9, 2022.

Link for online conference: https://YouTube.com/MatiALLin

Info below is for March 6–9 meetup/conference in Vegas as well as the online conference January 6–9.

Required: Join t.me/hexconference for updates.

Get tickets now for in-person event in March: HexTicket.com (see info below).

New? Learn more about Hex Crypto on YouTube in minutes. Use TShare.app to buy and stake Hex. OG? View go.tshare.app.

Hosts: Quant Gang (Mati Allin, Karim, WhalesOnly, FutureUs), Kryptosparbuch (46 City HEX Meetup US Tour).
Mati Allin’s Past events: 1st HEX Conference Hexchange.io & Hexchange.live | 1st Mass Hex Meetup Hexican.vegas

Previous program for the 1st Hex Conference hosted by Mati Allin, Hexologist & Discourse Syndicate.

March 6–9 Location: