Hexican.vegas Meetup 2021

1st HEX Mass Meetup—June 24–27, 2021

Mati Allin


Required ticket, order ASAP: https://hexmeetup.eventbrite.com/

Check Telegram t.me/hexmeetup group first, then Call or text TMoney Phone number: 775–409–2986

Livestream Schedule:

Quant Gang #22 | Tuesday Night (before Meetup) | YouTube.com/MatiALLin + AllMyLinks
Mob Museum Speakeasy | Thursday Night | YouTube.com/MatiALLin + AllMyLinks
FN Hangout on Discourse Syndicate | Friday Night | YouTube.com/DiscourseSyndicate
Battlefield Vegas Tank Crushes Car | Saturday afternoon | | YouTube.com/MatiALLin + AllMyLinks
HEXICAN Karaoke Live | Saturday Night | YouTube.com/MatiALLin + AllMyLinks

1st HEX Mass Meetup

Hosts Mati Allin, RG3 & Discourse Syndicate present: Hexican.vegas Meetup 2021

Join: t.me/HEXmeetup (chat) and t.me/HEXmeet (channel, turn on notifications). Share: Hexican.vegas (this program).

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Final Dates: Thursday, June 24, 2021 to Sunday June 27, 2021. Arrive early if you want to experience more in Vegas beyond the weekend of HEX Meetup events.

Tentative Times: Some events may overlap or change; DYOR. Stay tuned to Mati’s YouTube and HEX Meetup Telegram for planning updates. Join in the planned events and make sure to create your own experiences and connections among Hexicans & other loved ones. Only travel with trusted community members.