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X Verified Org Badges for HexConference Speakers

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Mati Allin
5 min readJan 25, 2024
The HexConference badge next to the blue checkmark is new!

Who qualifies for a badge at this time?

As a speaker at any of the four previous annual conferences, you already qualify as a member of the organization HexConference.com under our interpretation of Twitter’s ToS, not as an employee but as “any associated individual”. Since the world record attempt was part of the HexConference, anyone who registered (with your X handle) and spoke (on YouTube) may qualify for the HexConference affiliation badge as well.

If you spoke at the PulseChainConference, you qualify for a separate organization (pending org verification for a separate affiliation badge). If you spoke at both, you can choose only 1 affiliation. Please choose wisely which badge you want. Switching affiliation between HexConference and PulseChainConference might take a month to go into effect, and you would have to meet both qualifications.

In the future, HexConference hopes to be able to include more people, but at this time you had to appear in (or be officially scheduled for) the annual conference to qualify for this affiliation. This is to make sure to not break any X terms and conditions for the integrity of defining “an organization affiliation”. HexConference.com is a business of the media company Mati Allin LLC and abides by X and YouTube terms and conditions. In the past, we have successfully allowed anyone to sign up to be a speaker.

Past speakers in a poster for the 4th Annual HexConference.com on YouTube and X, January 6–9, 2024.

Badge Benefits

  • We get the custom badge. As a Full Access Verified Organization HexConference can add affiliate accounts with the org badge.
  • We get our posts seen more. “Organic posts by your organization and its affiliates will be seen by more people, without the need for advertising.” Source: X.
  • We get to show off our network. “All Verified Organizations Full Access tier accounts also receive a new tab on their profile that lists all affiliated accounts. This appears next to the posts tab and displays any affiliated accounts.” Source: X.
Source: X.
  • You get X Premium+ (whether you have it now or not). “All accounts (organizations and their affiliates) subscribed to Verified Organizations will receive all the benefits of X Premium+. You’ll get access to features like Edit post, Bookmark Folders, Longer posts, Prioritized rankings in conversations, and Reduced ads.*” Source: X.

Badge Costs

If you currently subscribe to X Premium+, you’re paying $16+/mo or $168+/year, but the cost of an affiliate badge is ~3.6x more.

Being an organization costs $1,000/mo or $12,000 per year — Mati/The Org is willing to pay this (donations also accepted).

Each Affiliate Badge costs The Org $600/year ($50/mo plus tax).

Anyone (except The OA) can pay the $600/year for a speaker to get their badge, with a single transaction of $600/year/badge sent via USDC from Ethereum on PLS or ETH (see below).

You can gift the cost of a badge or pay for your own. If you donate to HexConference to gift the badge for your favorite speaker, you can have no expectations of that speaker. The Speaker gets to choose if they want a HexConference or PulseChainConference badge (if they spoke at both). Remember, badges are only for people who spoke at the specific conferences, because speakers are officially part of the conference organization, fitting within X rules.

Gifting the funds for a badge is a super cool way to support your favorite speakers from the conference and their ongoing content creation and reach!

How to fund the badge (for those who qualify)

  1. Follow the organization https://x.com/HexConference on X.
  2. Make sure you (or the speaker you’re gifting for) qualifies as a member of the organization. You can direct message HexConference here to check: https://x.com/HexConference (or just know who was in the Conference).
  3. You should review and agree to The Org terms and conditions (below).
  4. Message HexConference on X to say you’re sending USDC and which address you’re sending from.
  5. Send the $600 USDC from Ethereum (on PLS or ETH), then DM the transaction confirmation URL. Indicate who the badge is for.

Official donation address for HexConference — Send USDC on PLS/ETH: 0x2831c9103D861ACa45Cc5b8d540Db18aE7981e84



If you send a multiple of $1,000 USDC it will go towards the $12,000/yearly cost of The Org fee to Twitter. If more than $12k/year is sent for this purpose The Org will decide how to use the funds.

If you send a multiple of $600 USDC you can fund multiple Speakers for this 1-year period (see above).

Suggestions to gift: CCFXstudios, StickerGuyWin, CoreyCosta123, BoehnerPapah, AWildSJ, FashionCoder, KatieePCrypto; Full list of speakers: HexConference.com.

Note: you can only pay for 1 year at a time. You can’t pay month-by-month. Risk: X could cancel us at any time for any reason, and there are no refunds in that case. The Org may keep or return any funds sent on-chain, but you can have no expectations of funds being returned once they are sent. Once you send a crypto transaction — that money isn’t yours anymore.

How to keep the badge

By being an affiliate of the HexConference Verified Organization, you must follow the X terms and conditions. If you break the rules of Twitter your badge could be removed without a refund.

If you get paid to make a post on X, then you have to label it as such and there are special rules about crypto ads — so don’t break these rules.

Whereas the HexConference appreciates that blockchains allow free-speech, our organization has additional badge rules that may go beyond those of X:

  • No online bullying.
  • No racism or other forms of discrimination.

If you break the additional badge rules of our organization, then your badge could be removed without a refund.

Note: of course you are still allowed to post about any cryptos or topics you want beyond what was covered in the conference — your badge only gets removed without refund if you are breaking the rules of the platform or what is described above.

  • Badges must be funded yearly (at whatever cost X determines) to avoid removal.

Similar policies will be posted shortly for the separate organization: https://x.com/PulseChainConf

I’ll go live tonight to confirm the above USDC address is legit:

Looking forward to this amazing opportunity to elevate the entire community and organization!

Mati Allin LLC 2024 All rights reserved. This is not financial or therapy advice. HexConference has never gotten funds from the founder of HEX. Never share your seed words — beware of online scammers.