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Get a volume bonus of up to +100% and +30% self-referral bonus

Mati Allin
3 min readJun 28, 2022

Newest Update: This pool is closed because the sacrifice phase is over. You can see your point balance at, and go to our pool tab at the bottom. Do NOT send money to the pool address anymore.

Check out the Chain Analysis 101 episode 3 where I did where I cover the results from the Pulse Hot List Pool. We won! We got the best rate!

Go to and follow the pinned messages to join the Chain 101 group. Then in the CHAIN 101 group you can see pinned messages to go to episode 3.

Previous Update: I’m offering a free Chain Analysis course to anyone who sacs at least $400 to our pool: Here is a site to track our pool contributions: Stay updated by joining our Telegram group:

Value Prop

  • is a DYOR tool created by Hexicans who are trustworthy and likely already rich. They are known for creating, the Pulse33 meme token and now PulseHotList.
  • The PHL token includes the pumpamentals of monetizing ad space on the website and newsletter, both of which review the credibility of projects and influencers in the burgeoning PulseChain ecosystem.
  • PHL solves a real problem in the crypto space by organizing, standardizing and curating the factors that investors need to be educated on.
  • It could be a CoinMarketCap killer, onboarding tool and force-multiplier in the PulseChain ecosystem. This use case is valuable: CMC was bought by Binance for a rumored $400 million in 2020.
  • The timing, founders and game theory of PulseHotList make me more bullish on this than any other non-RH token.
  • See the site for yourself:

Most Profitable to Pool

Pooling funds results in more bonuses than even self-referral because there is up to a +100% volume bonus. Keys are held by PHL founders Viktor and Felix rather than…



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