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Mati Allin
5 min readJul 6, 2022

NEW: Click here to join on Telegram in the next 1 day to get free access to the course, a $99 value.

Course details

Instructors: Mati Allin ( & Dev Charles Win (; see “about us” section below.

Live Schedule: 2 hours on Wednesdays in July, starting July 6 at 5 PM PT | 7 CT | 8 ET

Private replay: available anytime (you can ask questions until the end of July). Many people will likely continue to sign up after the start date and you will get access to all previous materials via a private YouTube and Telegram.

Cost: For $99 you get access to all 4 course sessions (2 hours each) or free if you read the instructions and join on Telegram.

Free-Claim Instructions

Follow the pinned messages in to join the “Chain 101 group” before the free link expires.

Previous ways to pay for the course are still listed here, but see link at top to take the course the free.

If you want to pay but not share your credit card info, then send $99 of HEX, USDC, USDT or ETH to Mati’s address: and then post evidence in Please DO NOT message Mati for free-claim, you must post in and wait to get access. Questions? Message

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Value Proposition

Blockchains are ultimately secured by financial self-interest (game theory) and he/she who has the most information is able to play the game best.



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