Mati Allin Airdrops NFTs & Pins for Aubrey de Grey Donors

Funds support Aubrey de Grey’s research priorities by routing around SENS Foundation

Mati Allin
3 min readApr 5, 2022
Example of Airdrop NFT + optional physical lapel pin for Level $1k donors.


Billions of years of human lives can be saved by donating a portion of our impressive gains in crypto to longevity research.

Mati Allin’s HexBadge NFTs are meant to thank and recognize donors, they are NOT for investing, gambling or reselling. These are badges of honor and appreciation.


Choose your level

Game 1: LEVEL UP (Automatic-ish)

Unlock subtly special NFT variations once you reach these donor levels, and get the option of claiming a corresponding physical lapel pin. Donating from your single address to any of the 3 addresses below will count together towards your reward level, so if you send $1k to Legal Fund, $1k to Aubrey directly and $1k to Methuselah fund, then you would get three 1k NFTs. Optionally you can also get 1 lapel pin per level. NFTs are sent at least monthly.

>$1k — Level 1

>$10k — Level 2

>$100k — Level 3

>$1M — Level 4

Note: special optional instructions below to claim physical lapel pin.

Example NFT on Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/nft/0xb66a603f4cfe17e3d27b87a8bfcad319856518b8/71747580411855154757315327761659609810819582023074389151284129245751580557315


Signal what cellular age you’d like to return to?

Set the corresponding first 2 USDC decimals.

Example: Send $1,000.21 USDC to be forever 21.

No tax receipt needed?

Send ETH, USDC, Hedron or HEX to Aubrey de Grey’s wallet.



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