Kevin Perrott Rug Pulls $27,500,000— Fires Longevity Founder Aubrey de Grey on Twitter

Miscalculating SENS Director Seen Contradicting Himself In Tweet Storm Says “it’s not a lot of money, and yes it is”

Mati Allin
8 min readApr 5, 2022


Why, indeed?

How SENS Board Lost Credibility

The Doug-Stamper-of-Silicon-Valley-looking Kevin Perrott showed he is out of his league on Wednesday. Kevin is a used-car-salesman-turned-venture-capitalist-henchman who shocked donors this past week when he maliciously fired beloved longevity founder Aubrey de Grey in a tweet.

Perrott’s failed leadership saw half of the board of directors resign last week under growing scrutiny from the HEX crypto community who donated $27.5 million in July 2021 with the express intent for donations to be deployed by Chief Science Officer and Founder Dr. Aubrey de Grey.

Perrott and his fellow 3 stragglers on the board saw their credibility collapse upon their bizarrely-handled firing of Aubrey last week, citing as cause a well-received speech to the HEX donors who had questions about how funds were being un-used for 9 months (an eternity for a cutting-edge anti-aging charity).

The “Final 4” directors have created their own brand of March Madness by waiting until April to presumably capitulate and resign. Their failure to resign makes it obvious that they don’t have personal legal counsel and are asleep at the wheel or worse — they’re lying to donors deliberately and think we are too lazy to find out. LUL.

Their own public documents, linked below, read like a reboot of the Bay of Pigs — deserving a box of Cuban cigars and public outcry for so badly botching their attempted character assassination of Dr. de Grey by leveraging deliberately false accusations of sexual misconduct — ultimately doing their best to minimize and bury the original version of the independent investigation exonerating him.

Since the untrue sex scandal failed, the Board’s next comedy routine rolled out this week, in the form of Perrott’s incessant squawking on Twitter — quarterbacking what appears to be a pay-to-rig scheme involving an unnecessary alcohol