Kevin Perrott Rug Pulls $27,500,000— Fires Longevity Founder Aubrey de Grey on Twitter

Miscalculating SENS Director Seen Contradicting Himself In Tweet Storm Says “it’s not a lot of money, and yes it is”

Mati Allin
8 min readApr 5, 2022


Why, indeed?

How SENS Board Lost Credibility

The Doug-Stamper-of-Silicon-Valley-looking Kevin Perrott showed he is out of his league on Wednesday. Kevin is a used-car-salesman-turned-venture-capitalist-henchman who shocked donors this past week when he maliciously fired beloved longevity founder Aubrey de Grey in a tweet.

Perrott’s failed leadership saw half of the board of directors resign last week under growing scrutiny from the HEX crypto community who donated $27.5 million in July 2021 with the express intent for donations to be deployed by Chief Science Officer and Founder Dr. Aubrey de Grey.

Perrott and his fellow 3 stragglers on the board saw their credibility collapse upon their bizarrely-handled firing of Aubrey last week, citing as cause a well-received speech to the HEX donors who had questions about how funds were being un-used for 9 months (an eternity for a cutting-edge anti-aging charity).