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Mati Allin
4 min readJun 14
Imagine yourself in the DeLorean with Mati Allin: a retired therapist (this is not therapy), Crypto YouTuber and Longevity Coach.

Welcome to the timeline where you become your best self

Living longer requires healthy choices today, but without the proper coaching — changing behavior is extremely difficult for most people. Longevity Coaching is designed to give you individual skills and group experiences that cause you to take steps toward becoming and staying your best self.

Contact Longevity Coach Mati Allin to sign up today: or Text (904) 567–6698.

Motivation isn’t the root of all change. Tiny habits form the root of longer-lasting change.

Most people never get to see the benefits of being truly in control of their own behavior change. Learning how to choose your people, places and schedules makes becoming the best version of yourself more maintainable. Getting in control of your future self is truly unbelievable, which is why you should experience it for yourself.

I didn’t learn how to reliably change my own behavior until I learned how to change clients who were court-ordered to quit heroin. I practice what I preach. Learning how to become my best self was the most rewarding and hopeful activity I’ve ever done.

Move your feet and your mind will follow.

— AA quote that speaks to human motivation.

Mati’s favorite behavior change quote, above, means that you don’t have to be ready to change — just do it. Start today with Longevity Coaching with Mati Allin.

What behaviors do you want to change?

Family/relationship skills; stress management; sudden wealth syndrome; feeling down/mood control; understanding addiction—quit tobacco, alcohol or other drug use; identifying market emotions or trading addiction, getting better sleep and focus; mindfulness & self-esteem; adjusting your weight; exercising; eating better, etc. You will get to choose any ethical behavior…



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