2nd Mass Hex Meetup by Mati Allin

Hexpo.miami | 48-Hour Crypto Livestream & Hex Meetup at the Bitcoin Conference

May 18–20, 2023 — Miami *Beach*, FL | $99 at HexTicket.com [online is free]

Mati Allin
8 min readFeb 6, 2023


Hexpo.miami 2023 t.me/HexMeetup at b.tc/conference & Hexpo.online. Go to HexTicket.Eventbrite.com now.

Watch the 48-Hour YouTube Livestream here: Hexpo.online

What is HEX? in 2 minutes on YouTube | Official site: Hex.com

Get the $99 Hex Meetup [Fundraising] Ticket

Get Hexpo.Miami tickets now: https://HexTicket.Eventbrite.com

Why is a ticket required?

  • Meetup location details are shared directly to paying meetup members (to increase operational security and increase community participation). Submit your real Telegram handle on the order form.
  • Past Hex Meetups have created strong friendships and ties in the community. FOMO the fun by supporting the 2nd Mass Hex Meetup! Buy tickets here.

Hexpo.Miami is proud to be a Mati Allin LLC event — it is not financed by debt or middleman advertisers. We refuse all sponsorships to avoid corrupt incentives. Consequently— ticket sales work differently than most events, so please read the following carefully.

Basically, the fundraising ticket system allows us to release the funds to pay for the merch far enough ahead of the event. Thus, only people who buy a ticket to watch our free YouTube show on Tuesday nights will get airdropped a ticket to attend the HEX events in Miami (like Hexpo.vegas, the largest Hex Meetup of all-time, also hosted by Mati Allin).

Merch may be airdropped but is not guaranteed (previous events had awesome merch). Bitcoin Conference ticket is sold separately by a different organization.

Let’s go!

Step 1: See Eventbrite to learn more details and purchase Hexpo.Miami tickets now: https://HexTicket.Eventbrite.com.

Step 2: Get $650 Bitcoin Conference ticket — recommended but not required, see Meetup schedule below. Hex Meetup ticket sold separately.

Step 3: Join t.me/HexpoMiami