2nd Mass Hex Meetup by Mati Allin

Hexpo.miami | 48-Hour Crypto Livestream & Hex Meetup at the Bitcoin Conference

May 18–20, 2023 — Miami *Beach*, FL | $99 at HexTicket.com [online is free]

Mati Allin
8 min readFeb 6, 2023


Hexpo.miami 2023 t.me/HexMeetup at b.tc/conference & Hexpo.online. Go to HexTicket.Eventbrite.com now.

Watch the 48-Hour YouTube Livestream here: Hexpo.online

What is HEX? in 2 minutes on YouTube | Official site: Hex.com

Get the $99 Hex Meetup [Fundraising] Ticket

Get Hexpo.Miami tickets now: https://HexTicket.Eventbrite.com

Why is a ticket required?

  • Meetup location details are shared directly to paying meetup members (to increase operational security and increase community participation). Submit your real Telegram handle on the order form.
  • Past Hex Meetups have created strong friendships and ties in the community. FOMO the fun by supporting the 2nd Mass Hex Meetup! Buy tickets here.

Hexpo.Miami is proud to be a Mati Allin LLC event — it is not financed by debt or middleman advertisers. We refuse all sponsorships to avoid corrupt incentives. Consequently— ticket sales work differently than most events, so please read the following carefully.