3rd Annual Online HEX Conference

HexConference.com 2023 | Hexpo.online

with Richard Heart & The Best of >100 HEX Crypto YouTubers | January 6–9, 2023 | 5PM PT / 7 CT / 8 ET / +1 UTC 1AM | Free

Mati Allin
3 min readDec 14, 2022


Watch here: YouTube link for HEX Conference Online (subscribe)

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Created by: Mati Allin, organizer of the 1st Hex Conference, Hexpo.vegas, & 1st Mass HEX Meetup.

Note: This is not financial, investment or therapy advice. Mati Allin accepts NO sponsorships or paid advertising and is proud to say his audience is NOT for sale. This conference is for entertainment and free speech purposes only.

Final Schedule: Coming Soon

Speakers: please see your DM invite from @ MatiAllin with instructions, on Telegram or Twitter. Need an invite: click here (limited time).

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The 3rd Annual Hex Conference is an organic…