Free. Live. Digital. Jan 6–9, 2021 | 5PM PT / 7 CT / 8 ET / +1 UTC 1AM is a community-lead conference. Above, a Crypto Twitter network is depicted. 2021 is the first HEX digital conference.

Like TED Talks — HEX Talks!


Hosted by MATI ALLIN and the Community of content creators.

Conference Donation Address for ETH or HEX: 0xFEEDc89A0a80Dc98F63C17E17546e387727919Bb

Final Program:

Bitcoin is 1G crypto. Image: Pixabay.


Programmable money cures the curse of paper money

Inventions can catch you by surprise.

The wheel was first invented for pottery 300 years before its best use case: transportation.

That’s right. Imagine waiting three centuries for the invention of 2G wheels — the kind of wheels that don’t just make bowls.

Then, suddenly, wheels are carrying humans to…

Your job is to pay your future self (with crypto)

Diverse celebrities were hired to thank Richard Heart, founder of HEX, a cryptocurrency that raises your financial IQ. Image courtesy of Mati Allin YouTube and

Paying yourself means saving for the future

It’s not surprising that almost half of Americans have no savings.

“How much money do you have in your savings account?”

The behavior of saving for the future is increasingly punished around the world — as real prices go up and negative or no interest is earned in savings accounts.

2nd Annual HEX Conference

January 6–9, 2022 Hexpo.Online & March 6–9, 2022 Hexpo.Vegas

The 2nd annual Hex Conference will be hosted by the HEXICAN community on January 6–9, 2022 online and March 6–9, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV.

Watch now on YouTube here (free).

Buy a ticket for the 4-day Conference in Las Vegas March 6–9, 2022. will be held in the conference space at Excalibur, 9AM-5PM. For privacy, we didn’t reserve any hotel blocks, you can book your hotel directly with Excalibur or anywhere else you…

Crypto will change the world — take the win.

  1. Start early, it’s never too late.
  2. Increase the financial literacy of yourself and your loved ones.
  3. Find smart people to listen to when you’re doing other activities.
  4. Prioritize increasing income over decreasing expenses.
  5. Write down a budget, live more modestly. …

Mati Allin

Programmable Money Advocate. All-in HEX crypto.

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