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Mati Allin
5 min readJan 3, 2024

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9inch.io is a decentralized exchange designed to become the leading DEX and yield farming platform for meme coins on both Ethereum and PulseChain. It’s built by old school Pulseicans and Hexicans as a response to the market’s need for a truly fun, engaging, and open platform for the masses. This highly optimized DEX is modeled after the same code base as PancakeSwap, Sushi, and PulseX. I’ll explain everything you need to know in this short and easy to understand video, but bear in mind that there’s no financial advice on this channel whatsoever; I’m just gathering the facts so my lazy friends don’t have to.

Just like any other DEX, 9inch.io allows users to trade tokens through liquidity pools. Anyone can become a liquidity pool provider by depositing an equal dollar amount of two assets, making them available for other users to swap one for the other. If you wish to trade some of your DAI for 9inch.io, you can simply enter the amount you want to swap, pay a small fee, and the pool will provide you with an equal dollar amount of 9inch.io in return. There are hundreds of different liquidity pools, and when one of the tokens in a pool becomes more scarce, the price of that token goes up — the law of supply and demand. Something called an automated market maker, or AMM bot, uses an algorithm to deal with this demand without the need for an intermediary, effectively eliminating counterparty risk. The only requirement for the AMM bot is that enough people provide liquidity. When the liquidity in one of the pools is too low, even a small purchase can significantly move the price of one of the assets, causing it to run away from you. As a result, you may end up paying more for less. This price slippage is something to avoid, and is why liquidity providing must be incentivized as much as possible.

This is one of the reasons why Hexy Bastard and his team decided to implement a two-token system, similar to PulseX. The platform’s main utility token is the 9inch.io token, which has a fixed supply that was distributed to those who participated in the sacrifice phase. No additional tokens will ever be created. In fact, should the protocol become a high volume DApp on the network, the token supply is expected to decrease significantly. But more on this in a moment.

First, you should know that 9inch.io token holders have the ability to vote on which tokens will be granted special incentivized liquidity pools for people to participate in yield farming. Yield farming involves users providing liquidity for one of the voted-on asset pairs to earn rewards in the form of BBC, or Big Bonus Coin, the platform’s secondary token. These rewards are in addition to any fees generated from users trading in that liquidity pair. To access these farms, users must hold LP tokens for the respective asset pair, which serves as proof of providing liquidity. The most rewarding farms are those involving the native token 9inch.io and the reward token BBC. This encourages users to use both of these tokens within the protocol, rather than immediately selling them for profit.

Additionally, quality projects have the opportunity to list their token on the platform and create demand by getting it into one of these high-yielding farms. Recognizing that not everyone is willing to take the risk of impermanent loss, 9inch.io also offers a single-sided staking feature. With this feature, you can stake various tokens to earn BBC and third-party tokens as rewards, without the need to provide liquidity. There’s a handful of tokens available to stake in this feature, and more might be added at a later point in time.

There are two staking options available: flexible staking and locked staking. Flexible staking allows you to withdraw your tokens at any time, including all of the rewards. You can also harvest the yield while leaving the principal staked. Whereas locked staking requires you to predetermine your token withdrawal within a range of 1 to 52 weeks. Typically, locked stakes offer much higher rewards compared to flexible stakes because they benefit from the performance enhancer, providing a yield boost of up to 21x for a maximum stake of 52 weeks. For example, a $100 stake of 9inch.io locked up for 52 weeks will get you the same yield as a $2,100 stake of 9inch.io in the flexible pool. However, it’s important to know that locked stakes cannot be emergency end-staked.

Anyway, 9inch.io offers the lowest fees for end users trading in and out of the liquidity pools by charging only a 0.29% platform fee on every transaction. While most exchanges charge you 0.3%, you might think this difference is negligible, but it can have a significant impact since many people use DEX aggregators to swap their tokens. A DEX aggregator functions like a search engine, seeking the best and cheapest route across multiple decentralized exchanges to swap your tokens. It determines the most efficient route at the optimal rate within seconds, meaning that users may be routed through 9inch.io without even realizing it.

A great addition to 9inch.io is that it’s the first protocol on PulseChain to offer the option of setting limit orders. This means that your swaps can be executed automatically whenever your specified parameters are met. Regardless of how you choose to utilize 9inch.io, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t charge any developer or founder fees whatsoever. 76% of all trading fees are distributed to the liquidity provider, while the rest goes straight to the buy and burn. A significant 21% will be used to buy and burn 9inch.io, making it an extremely deflationary asset, while the remaining 3% is allocated to buy and burn BBC to help counter its inflation. It’s as if a whale keeps buying these tokens every single day without the ability to sell them ever again. The more volume on 9inch.io, the larger this whale becomes.

9inch.io is designed to penetrate the mainstream crypto market as it offers all the features you would expect from a good working DEX. It has an easy-to-use interface, a good sense of humor, and by launching on Ethereum as well, it is set to bring massive adoption to PulseChain.”

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