Bitcoin is 1G crypto. Image: Pixabay.


3G Crypto “HEX” Fixes Mental Health

Programmable money cures the curse of paper money

Mati Allin
9 min readNov 13, 2020


Inventions can catch you by surprise.

The wheel was first invented for pottery 300 years before its best use case: transportation.

That’s right. Imagine waiting three centuries for the invention of 2G wheels — the kind of wheels that don’t just make bowls.

Then, suddenly, wheels are carrying humans to places they never thought possible.

Inventions take time to fully emerge.

At first, few knew the internet went beyond email — its first app.

People thought email was the internet: just an electric letter-making process.

It’s not obvious how inferior centralized physical money is until you grasp the vastly superior invention of HEX, the third generation cryptocurrency “3G crypto”.

Just like the wheel was mistaken for a bowl-maker and the internet for an e-letter, first generation crypto — Bitcoin — is still mistaken as the best decentralized digital money. 3G crypto HEX goes beyond currency to offer a new function of money — paying yourself — which will lead to abundant mental health.

3G Crypto enables paying…